Dr. Williams is at the forefront of hip and knee replacements and revision surgeries nationally.

Dr. Williams is at the forefront of hip and knee replacements and revision surgeries nationally. As director of the Einstein Medical Center Total Joint Program, in Philadelphia, he introduced some of the most-advanced surgical techniques available to reconstruct and replace hips in adults.

He now performs most of his total knee and hip replacements on an outpatient basis for patients who are good candidates

If that’s not enough, Dr. John Williams has an outstanding personal assistant by his side when performing knee replacement. The assistant is, in a sense, a second set of eyes. 

But this is no human. It’s a robot named ROSA.

ROSA is a robotic platform that takes a personalized approach to each patient’s knee replacement using a three-dimensional model created from special x-rays. The x-rays are matched to a patient’s knee to help deliver accurate placement of implants with less soft-tissue dissection. The robot’s computer technology, camera, and optical trackers assist Dr. Williams to control and move surgical instruments. 

“This is state-of-the-art technology, and we’re excited to use it from a surgical perspective,” Dr. Williams explains. “Thanks to this technology, we can be more precise with the alignment and placement of implants. For patients, this leads to a more natural feeling of the knee.”

Dr. Williams has been using the ROSA Knee System at his practice, Advanced Orthopedics Institute, for more than one year. In the past quarter, he has performed more surgeries using the ROSA system than any physician in Central Florida.

The procedure comes with numerous advantages.

“For patients who undergo knee replacement using ROSA, we can safely send about 40 percent of them home on the same day,” he says. “Others may require a one-night hospital stay.”

In addition, recovery times are shortened thanks to a multi-modal approach that includes pain control medication, nerve blocks, and physical therapy. That’s great news for residents of The Villages who lead active lifestyles.

“If you can’t move without suffering from pain, then your quality of life is limited,” says Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams completed medical school at Howard University and served as director of total joint replacement at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia from 2000 to 2011. Today, Dr. Williams serves as chairman of surgery at UF Health The Villages Hospital.